Wedding Ceremony at Ogden Gardens

Another perfect fall day!  On September 19th, I played harp for a ceremony at Valparaiso’s Ogden Gardens.  The bride chose a nice mix of traditional wedding music, as well as some lesser-known pieces to make her wedding music unique.  The prelude music was:

Since this wasn’t quite enough to cover the time they needed, I just continued to play similar pieces until everyone was ready to begin.  The ceremony music included:

The bride really liked the Bach piece she chose as her recessional, but wanted something more upbeat.  No problem – I just played “Sheep May Safely Graze” very quickly!  She was able to use a piece of music that she really enjoyed, and also have a lively exit from her ceremony.  Professional harpists should be able to make an accommodation like that for you!

Northwest Indiana Wedding Harpist

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