Mackinaw Valley Vineyard ~ Harp & Violin Wedding Music

Situated midway between Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois, the Mackinaw Valley Vineyard is a popular Central Illinois wedding venue!  Doug & Crystal had a beautiful Friday evening ceremony at their outdoor gazebo.  They put their ceremony music high on their priority list, booked early, and had some amazing music selections!

The prelude and postlude included the harp & violin duets:


For the entrance of the bridal party, we played the main theme from Final Fantasy VII, and the bride’s processional music was “Theme of Love” from Final Fantasy IV.  “Eyes on Me” (Final Fantasy VIII) played as the couple performed their signing ceremony, and the recessional was “Throne Room” from Star Wars Episode IV.

Not necessarily music you might expect on the harp, but it was a lot of fun to put together, and the guests enjoyed it, too.  They even applauded the recessional, and a few couples stuck around to dance during the postlude – that was a first for me!

If you are planning a wedding at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, or anywhere in the Bloomington & Peoria areas, please contact me about providing your wedding music!  Visit my website, Central Illinois Wedding Music, for details and more information.

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