Gujarat Wedding Harpist

Another beautiful wedding in Gujarat!  This time, at the Umang Party Plot in Anand (between Vadodara and Ahmedabad).

Harpist in Gujarat

I was stationed right at the entrance to the party plot, and many of the guests took their time entering (and leaving) the wedding to spend some time listening to the harp.  A harpist is an uncommon sight in India (most people don’t even know what to call the instrument), and when I play Bollywood music on the harp, it’s especially exciting for the guests!

My view from the stage:

Wedding in Gujarat

Gujarat International Wedding Musician

The company I work for here in India also has many other acts – one of which is something along the lines of a stilt walker covered in flowers.  I’d never even be able to imagine such a thing!

Gujarat wedding entertainer

Beautiful India!  I am loving my time here – there are surprises every day!

Gujarat International Musician

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