Wedding in Delhi ~ International Musician in India

This wedding was at a “farm house” in Delhi.  Yes, this is someone’s private residence!  We arrived when they were setting up the impressive decor.

Delhi wedding harpist Delhi wedding set-up Delhi wedding set-up

The harp was placed in the entrance pavilion, up on a small mirrored pedestal.  They were still gluing on the mirrors when we arrived!

Delhi harpist

There were still several hours to go before I was to begin playing, so I took a stroll around the grounds.

Delhi wedding venue Delhi wedding venue grounds Delhi wedding venue grounds

Remember, this is basically a vacation home, and they have their own temple – and peacocks roaming through the gardens!

Back where the harp was stationed, they had everything else ready to go.  Lighting made a huge impact!

Delhi international harpist

I also found out that I’d be playing with a band of local musicians.  This is always an adventure!  They had learned one “Western” song for the event – “Que Sera, Sera” – and I played along with them each time.  They were lined up along both sides of the room, with the harp in the middle.

Delhi international and indian musicians

I consulted with their pianist, and we worked out several songs he and I could play together and he’d get the band “jamming” along.  It was beautiful chaos!

Delhi wedding musician

After we were done playing, we went to the main hall for dinner.

Delhi wedding

By the time we left, in the very early morning hours, a fog had descended.  With all of the lights and mirrors, everything just glowed!

Delhi wedding decor

India International Harpist

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