Home Harp Concert in Springfield, Illinois

Home concerts are a special treat, and this one was to celebrate the birthday of a lifelong local supporter of music and the arts.  It was arranged by the guest of honor’s daughter who lives in New York, and I spend the noon hour playing harp in their Central Illinois living room.

They requested a variety of pieces, mostly classical, but also included a couple of Broadway favorites and Irish folk songs.  The program consisted of:

Home concerts are a wonderful way to get up close to the harp and see the intricacies of playing the instrument.  I love being able to demonstrate and explain what the harp is capable of doing – most audience members even get up the courage to pluck a string or two!  I’m always happy to answer questions about the harp, harp music, and being a harpist.

To arrange a private concert to celebrate any occasion – or no occasion at all! – please visit my website {Central Illinois Harpist} and contact me for date availability and a quote.

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