St. Louis Harpist – Business After Hours Entertainment

Not every event I play for is a wedding!  Although that is the majority of my bookings, I also provide music for everything from holiday dinners to baptisms to corporate parties.  When Claywell Asset Management was hosting the Riverbed Growth Association’s Business After Hours event, they wanted to “wow” their guests with live harp music!

St. Louis Harpist

I played a variety of pieces, from well-known classical compositions to songs you might not expect to hear on the harp – like the theme from Game of Thrones or “All of Me” by John Legend!  Those types of pieces always get the best response from guests. Many come over to check and make sure they really heard what they thought they did!

A harp makes any event extraordinary, and is the perfect way to make a lasting impression on guests, clients, and colleagues.  Visit my website – St. Louis Harpist – to contact me for availability and a quote!

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