Birthday Party Music ~ Springfield Harpist

I play for lots of weddings – but that’s not all!  On a Sunday evening, a local children’s book author planned a special birthday celebration for his wife.  He hired a chef from a fine dining restaurant to cook them dinner in their home, and I played harp for them!

Springfield Harpist

Neither of them had ever seen a harp up close, but now there was one in their living room!  They had a very eclectic list of requests, everything from Beethoven to Ed Sheeran to the theme song from Super Mario Brothers.  Yes, I can play that on the harp!

I have played for guest lists of 2000+ and for 2.  No event is too large or too small to add harp music to the plans!  Contact me at {Springfield Harpist} to check availability and discuss your event.

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