wedding harpist Devon Carpenter, the Classic Harpist, with a Blevins Harp the Laurel Leaf Harp venus classic harp, at a wedding harp duet for a wedding

Audio Samples

Aatini el-nay

A popular ballad by Fairouz, this can be played by solo harp or in an ensemble. The video below was recorded live with a harp and flute duet during a performance in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The title translates as "Give Me the Nay and Sing," with the text coming from a poem by Khalil Gibran.  A nay is a type of Arabic flute.

This piece can be played on pedal harp or lever harp.

Aatini el-nay, Harp & Flute Duet (live performance)

English lyrics:
Give me the nay and sing
for singing is the secret of existence
And the sound of the nay remains
After the end of existence
Have you, as I did, taken the forest
A house without limitations
Have you followed the streams
And climbed the rocks
Have you bathed in its fragrance
And dried yourself in its light
Have you tried drinking the Dawn as your wine
Out of divine/ether cups
Have you, as I did, sat in the afternoon
Between the vines
With the clusters hanging
Like golden chandeliers
Have you slept on the grass at night
And used the sky as your blanket
Ascetic in what will come
Forgetting what has passed
Give me the nay and sing
Forget the disease and its cure
For people are only lines
Written on water

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