Scenes around Mumbai

This post will have nothing to do with harps or weddings.  But I can’t fully explain my experiences here by showcasing only my official work in India.  Mumbai is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city.  When I accepted this job, I really had no idea what to expect of living halfway around the world in what is a still developing country.  I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, but this was entirely new!

It’s hard to show the “real” India in photographs.  This country is a fully immersive experience – you can’t just look at it from the window of a car.  You have to get out and feel it, taste it, hear it, and yes – smell it!  I was so excited the first time I saw a cow walking down the street.  Now it’s just a regular part of my day!

So this will be a post mostly of pictures – a taste of Mumbai, my new favorite city, and my adopted home.

Food – From 5-star brunches to eating with my hands on the street

Thali Veg & Non-Veg Eating on the street A taste of the States 5-star brunch

All the creatures on the streets – from stray cats to painted elephants

Cow on the street Stray cat

Friendly stray dogs

Yes, I befriend stray dogs

Cat with kittens Father, son & goat


Just going down the street, riding his elephant. As one does.

More elephant! Donkey

Celebrating Holi

Celebrate Holi!

My minor amount of paint


I didn’t get into it as much as these guys did!

Celebrate Holi!

An Indian wedding, as a guest

A local friend invited me to her brother’s wedding in Navi Mumbai.  Going out and buying a sari was a new experience – the tops are made to measure, and the fabrics are simply gorgeous.  I watched lots of YouTube videos to figure out how to wear it correctly.  I felt like a princess!

Indian wedding

I got to wear a sari!

Street scenes around Mumbai

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Attending my first polo matches

Who knew this existed in Mumbai?

2014-03-22 1

With a member of the Argentinian polo team

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