Singing with the Boys at Happy Home and School for the Blind

Along with my regular morning students, I’ll also be missing these guys!

Mumbai music teacher

A few months ago, I answered an ad looking for volunteers to help teach a singing class at the Happy Home and School for the Blind in Mumbai.  It was right in my neighborhood – and I got to combine my love of music and my love of teaching!

These boys are amazing.  The way they learn and help each other is an inspiration.  As I’m also a pianist, I was designated to work with their (also blind) accompanist a few times.  I’d either play through or talk through the chords in a section of a piece, and he’d play it back immediately.  I was impressed – but even more so when he caught my mistakes, and could even name the measure number where I goofed!

Shortly after I return to the States, they will be presenting a series of Christmas concerts throughout Mumbai.  All the best to each one of these boys!

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