Audio Clips – Harp, Violin, & Cello

I have recently added several new audio clips to my website.  These samples of songs are helpful for couples planning their wedding music, as it is sometimes difficult to imagine how songs sound on the harp!

For solo harp, I’ve added three clips of Bollywood songs:

Last year, I recorded a few wedding ceremonies when I was playing as part of an ensemble with other musicians.  Although the majority of my weddings are solo harp, adding other string instruments is also popular.

Wedding Quartet St. Louis

These are of my harp and violin duet, recorded live at an outdoor wedding ceremony:

Adding a cello adds extra depth and warmth to the sound.  These recordings are of my trio with harp, violin, and cello, also recorded live at wedding ceremonies:

Harp Violin Cello Trio Wedding Music

For something really unique and impressive, try a two-harp duet!  Other options that will surprise your guests include harp and steel drums or harp and marimba.

I love working with couples to plan their wedding music!  Whether you choose harp solo, a classic duet or trio, or a more unexpected combination of instruments, the music for your ceremony will be customized to include your favorite pieces and special requests.  Get in touch today ( to start making plans!

Chicago Harp Duet for Weddings

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