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David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen)

A Welsh folk song, this air is especially appropriate for the harp, as the lyrics speak of a Welsh musician lying on his deathbed, requesting that his harp be brought to him to play one last tune. This hauntingly beautiful melody is a lovely addition to memorials and funeral services, or any event that celebrates St. David or Welsh heritage.

This piece can be played on pedal harp or lever harp.

Welsh Lyrics

'Cariwch', medd Dafydd, 'fy nhelyn i mi,
Ceisiaf cyn marw roi tôn arni hi.
Codwch fy nwylo i gyraedd y tant;
Duw a'ch bendithio fy ngweddw a'm plant!'

'Neithiwr mi glywais lais angel fel hyn:
"Dafydd, tyrd adref, a chwarae trwy'r glyn!"
Delyn fy mebyd, ffarwel i dy dant!
Duw a'ch bendithio fy ngweddw a'm plant!'

English Translation

'Carry', said David, 'my harp to me'
I would like, before dying, to give a tune on it (her)
Lift my hands to reach the strings
God bless you, my widow and children!

Last night I heard an angel's voice like this:
"David, come home and play through the glen!"
Harp of my youth, farewell to your strings!
God bless you, my widow and children!

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