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Haru No Ogawa (Spring Brook)

This song is well-known in Japan (especially among children) as it has been taught in the schools there for over 100 years. It makes a soft and flowing processional for a bride or wedding party, or can be used as part of the prelude music as guests are being seated.

This piece can be played on pedal harp or lever harp.

Japanese Lyrics

Haru no ogawa wa
sara-sara iku yo
Kishi no sumire ya
renge no hana ni
Sugata yasashiku
iro utsukushiku
Sake yo sake yo to

English Lyrics

Smoothly, smoothly goes the brook
now that spring has come again.
To the violets on the bank
and the lotus blossoms too,
"Let your form be kind and gentle
and your colors beautiful:
"Bloom ye, bloom!" says the brook
in a whisper as it goes.

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