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Serch Hudol (The Allurement of Love or Love's Fascination)

Harps are well-loved by the Welsh, and the folk songs of Wales are particularly suited to the instrument. And 1895 publication even said "Tunes like Serch Hudol...lose their very soul and life when transferred from the harp to any other instrument." This piece is simply perfect on the harp, and I have played it for all elements of a wedding ceremony, as well as for receptions and Welsh-themed events.

This piece can be played on pedal harp or lever harp.

English Lyrics

Passion of enchanting charm,
Is flooding the grove,
When there be a myriad of gentle birds,
Singing in the wood.
All nature is singing together,
Nothing is deaf or mute,
There is more music in the world,
Than man ever supposed:

The choirs of bright Bliss,
Shall sing forever without coming to an end,
The golden harp the family of the sky have,
In the presence of God himself!
There is a song flying on its course,
In the sound of the sea
and the voice of the wind,
The stars in the morning were singing before,
Why will man not sing?

Enchanting passion is,
Everything that is living,
In the heaven and earth of God:
From the sun which is burning above,
To the glow-worm, who was given,
To wander the bank and the root of the trees,
For light on the footpath,
Which leads to thy house.

Beautiful is the picture and colour,
Of everything that comes from God's hands,
Where shall the eye of man go,
that there is not
In his presence,
the pretty and the intricate?
Beauty is flooding heaven,
And every creature He created,
From the eagle on his strong wing,
To the wren which is in the thorn!

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