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Shule Aroon (Siuil A Run)

This is one of the most often performed traditional Irish tunes, including by Celtic Woman, Judy Collins, and The Chieftains. It is part of the music for Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, mentioned by James Joyce in Ulysses, and shares a tune with the American Revolutionary War-era song "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier."

This song is lovely as background music for any event, and particularly for St. Patrick's day or other Irish celebrations.

This piece can be played on pedal harp or lever harp.


I wish I were on yonder hill
'Tis there I'd sit and cry my fill,
And ev'ry tear would turn a mill,
Iss guh day thoo a voorneen slawn.

Shule, shule, shule aroon
Shule go succir agus, shule go kewn;
Shule go dheen durrus oggus aylig lume,
Iss guh day thoo avorneen slawn.

I'll sell my rod, I'll sell my reel
I'll sell my only spinning wheel
To by my love a sword of steel
Iss guh day thoo a voorneen slawn.

I'll dye my petticoats, I'll dye them red
And through the streets I'll beg my bread,
Until my parents shall wish me dead
Iss guh day thoo a voorneen slawn.

I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
I wish I had my heart again,
And vainly think I'd not complain
Iss guh day thoo a voorneen slawn.

But now my love has gone to France
To try his fortune to advance.
If he e'er come back, 'tis but a chance
Iss guh day thoo a voorneen slawn.

Come, come, come O love,
Quickly come to me, softly move,
Come to the door and away we'll flee,
And safe forever may my darling be.

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