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Celtic and Folk Harp Music Repertoire

* - popular selection for a wedding ceremony

+ - can be performed on lever (Celtic) harp

A la claire fontaine; French +
A Phiuthrag's a Phiuthar (O Little Sister); Scottish +
Ah! que les femmes sont betes; French +
Al animo; Spanish +
America; American +
Annie Laurie; Scottish +
Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night); Welsh +
Ash Grove; Welsh +
Avening and Bright; Irish +

Barbara Allan; Scottish +
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; Irish +
Bendemeer's Stream; Irish +
Berrey Dhone; Manx +
Blaenhafren; Welsh
Brian Boru's March; Irish +
By Kell's Waters; Welsh +

Cader Idris; Welsh
Cainc Dafydd Broffyd (Song of David the Prophet); Welsh +
Castle of Dromore; Irish +
Chant des corsairs; French +
Cherchons une promise; French +
C'n'est pas l'etat des filles; French +
Codiad yr Ehedydd (The Rising of the Lark); Welsh +
Conga viene, conga va!; Cuban +
Cruiskeen Lawn (The Little Full Jug); Irish +

Danny Boy; Irish +
David of the White Rock; Welsh +
De Colores; Spanish
Dear Little Shamrock; Irish +
Dewis Meinwen; Welsh
Down by the Salley Gardens; Irish +

Eh, qui marierons - nous?; French +

Famine Song; Irish +
Fanaid Grove; Irish +
Farewell, But Whenever You Welcome the Hour; Irish +
Farewell to Liverpool; Irish +
Farewell to Lochaber; Scottish
Flight of the Earls; Irish +
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton; Scottish +
Foggy Dew; Irish +

Galway Piper; Irish +
Gartan Mother's Lullaby; Irish +
Gentle Maiden; Irish +
Gilliekrankie; Scottish +
God Save the Queen; English +
Good Night; Irish +
Greensleeves; English +

Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls; Irish +
Haru No Ogawa (Spring Brook); Japanese +
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded; Irish +
Highland Mary; Scottish +

I Know My Love; Irish +
I See You, My Beloved; Bohemian/Czech *
I'm a'doun for lack o' Johnnie; Scottish +

J'ai descendu dans mon jardin; French +
Je vais...ou va la route; French

Kathleen Mavourneen; Irish +
Killarney; M.W. Balfe +
Kringellek fran Gagnef; Swedish * +

La Paloma Azul; Mexican +
Lark in the Clear Air; Irish * +
Lark in the Morning; Irish +
Las Mananitas (Mexican Birthday Song); Mexican +
Leprechaun; Irish +
Les gars de locmine; French +
Les scieurs de long; French
Limerick is Beautiful; Irish +
Loch Lomond; Scottish +
Logan Water; Scottish +
L'orpheoniste; French +
Los Pollitos; Spanish +

March of the Men of Harlech; Welsh +
Megan's Fair Daughter; Welsh +
Miren a dit a son berger; French +
Mo Bouchaleen Bwee (My Yellow-Haired Lad); Irish +
Moi j'ai cinq sous; French +
Mwynen Cynwyd (Melody of Cynwyd); Welsh * +
My Gentle Harp; Irish +
My Lagan Love; Irish +
My Wild Irish Rose; C. Olcott +

Naranja Dulce; Spanish +
Nda Recoi la Culpa; Paraguayan +
Ne pleure pas Jeannette; French +

O Can Ye Sew Cushions; Scottish +
O My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose; Scottish +
O'Donnell Aboo; M.J. McCann +
Ould Plaid Shawl; Irish +
Over the Hills and Far Away; Irish +

Partons tous deux; French +
Plainte des papetiers; French +

Que venez-vous chercher; French +
Qu'il fait chaud; French +

Rakes of Mallow; Irish +
Rise, Thou Merry Lark; Welsh +
Rose of Tralee; C.W. Glover +

Saint Patrick's Day; Irish +
Sakura Sakura; Japanese +
Scarborough Fair; English +
Serch hudol (The Allurement of Love); Welsh * +
Shall the Harp then Be Silent; Irish +
She Moved Through the Fair; Irish +
Shenandoah; American +
Shule Aroon; Irish +
Snowy-Breasted Pearl; Irish +
Sollero Langdans; Swedish +
Spanish Lady; Irish +
Spinning Wheel Song; Irish +
Suogan (Lullaby); Welsh * +

Tis the Last Rose of Summer; Irish +
Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby); J.R. Shannon
Tsuki (The Moon); Japanese +

Vive la rose (Long Live the Rose); French +

Water is Wide; English
Wearing of the Green; Irish +
When Irish Eyes are Smiling; E.R. Ball +
Will Ye Go to Flanders?; Scottish +

Y Bardd yn ei Awen (Now Bar the Door Shut); Welsh +
Ye Banks and Braes; Scottish
Yr Hufen Melyn (The Yellow Cream); Welsh

Songs by the Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan:

Blind Mary +
Bridget Cruise No. 1 +
Bridget Cruise No. 2 +
Bumper Squire Jones +

Captain Sudley (Carolan's Dowry) +
Carolan's Cap +
Carolan's Receipt +
Carolan's Welcome +
Clergy's Lamentation +

Dr. John Stafford +

Eleanor Plunkett +

Fanny Power * +

George Brabazon No. 1 +
George Brabazon No. 2 +

Hewlett +

Kean O'Hara +

Lady Athenry +
Lady Gethin +
Lord Galway's Lamentation +
Lord Inchiquin +

Maurice O'Connor +

Sheebeg and Sheemore +

Thomas Morres Jones +

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