Celtic Harp Music in Lagos – St. Patrick’s Day

We flew back to Lagos on the 18th of March, and I was playing the next day at the Irish Consulate’s St. Patrick’s Day party.  Lots of travel, lots of Celtic tunes (and I’m running out of green clothing to wear)!

Lagos Irish harpist

This party was held on the grounds of the Irish Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria.  Although Abuja is the relatively new capital of Nigeria, Lagos is still the financial and cultural hub of the country, and many Nigerian and international government and business representatives were in attendance.

I picked up in my Irish set list where I had left off two nights before, and never had to repeat a song (except “Danny Boy,” which is a must play for any Irish event).  That’s over three hours of Irish folk tunes, and I still had many more to go when my playing time was up.  I’ve never sat down and timed them all before – that’s a lot of jigs, reels, and ballads!

Lagos Nigeria Harpist

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