St. Louis Harpist – FLOAT Convention Musician

Even the polar vortex couldn’t stop me from playing for this event!  It also didn’t stop the amazing artists at the FLOAT Convention from creating a stunning setting for their awards night.

St. Louis Harpist - FLOAT Convention

This banquet was the final event for their convention, and guests entered the ballroom at the St. Louis Airport Marriott through a rainforest – created entirely of balloons!  The harp was set up inside, and I played throughout dinner.

Harp Player in St. Louis

To match the enchanted garden theme, I played a selection of French classical music, “harp-y” music with lots of glissandos, and some familiar love songs.  And when someone requests “Stairway to Heaven,” I’ll play it!  I know people think it’s a joke to ask, but I’m always ready to play a little Led Zeppelin!

I play for all types of events in the St. Louis metro area, from trade shows to weddings.  Visit my website for more information:  St. Louis Harpist.

Missouri Harpist

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