Top Wedding Music of 2019

Every year, I go back over all of the weddings I played, and put together a list of the songs my couples chose for their ceremonies.  It’s interesting to see the trends from year to year, and it’s a great way for those planning weddings this year (and in the future!) to get some ideas for their ceremony music.

Fort Wayne Harpist

In 2019, I played for nearly sixty events.  I regularly travel across the globe to play for weddings and other celebrations.  No matter where you need a harpist, I’d be happy to play for you – the harp and I travel well together!

Instead of creating just a “Top 10” list, the listing below includes ALL of the music chosen by my couples in 2019.  Each list has the most popular pieces at the top, and the numbers in parentheses tell you how many times I have played that song for that particular moment of a ceremony.  Click on the songs highlighted in blue to hear a sample of me playing those pieces on the harp.

Wedding Musician SW Michigan

Canon in D” remains popular, topping the lists for both wedding party and bridal processionals.  “Can’t Help Falling in Love” shows up in every category except as the recessional.  I’ve played everything from Bach to Metallica, and soundtracks from The Lego Movie to The Muppet Movie!

This year, there was more variety overall.  In previous years, the top choice in most categories accounted for half of the weddings represented.  Now, even if the top choice is the same, fewer couples are choosing the most “traditional” options and looking for something more personal or unexpected.  No matter your preference, harp music is an elegant choice for classical or contemporary songs!

Champaign-Urbana Harpist

If you are looking for a musician for your wedding, contact me to discuss the music for your ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner!

Bridal Processionals (entrance music for the bride):

Catholic Wedding Music Harpist

Family seating:

Wedding party processional:

Jackson Mississippi Harpist

Mid-ceremony interludes (for the unity candle/sand, etc.):

Central Illinois Harpist


Harpist in Chattanooga

If you are planning your wedding, please visit my website:  The Classic Harpist.  I work with couples worldwide to plan their wedding music.  With the harp, that can be anything you want it to be!  I play all of the classical wedding favorites, as well as non-traditional options: jazz, pop, rock, Broadway, Bollywood, Arabic, Celtic, Renaissance, and more!

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