New Delhi Wedding Musician ~ Harpist in a Bubble

Delhi International Harpist

Back in the bubble!  My sister was here for a visit, and she was able to come along and take a few pictures for me.  This wedding was at the JW Mariott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity – a stunning venue, with a beautiful ballroom.

Delhi India Harpist

The bubble is inflated from an air vent in the bottom of the platform.  Once the platform is set in place, the harp is lifted on top of it, and the plastic of the bubble is attached to the platform, coming from above the harp (very carefully!).

I get inside the bubble via a zipper in the back of the plastic.  It’s a height of about three feet, and with a giant dress and heels, it’s a bit precarious.  But so far, no damage to the harp, the bubble, or to me!

Wedding in Delhi

When I’m playing inside the bubble, they place a microphone on or beside the harp and run the cord through the place where the zipper meets the bottom of the bubble.  The speakers outside the bubble make sure everyone can hear.

International Harpist in India International Wedding Musician in Delhi

I’ve been dressed in red or pink (traditional wedding colors in India) so far, but for this wedding, the client requested that I wear white – along with a feather headpiece!

Harpist costume in India

New Delhi Wedding Musician

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